Paneer :

Sangam Paneer is made from whole cow’s Milk only, by application of heat, and processing aid to obtain Milk solids which are time pressed to make blocks.

Texture: Soft spongy

Shelf Life: Sangam Paneer in the appropriate packaging has a shelf life of 70 days in chilled state and one year in frozen state. Once opened , the product has to be cooked within three days.

Allergen Advice: Dairy Product made from Milk.

Usage: To cook variety of vegiterian dishes.

Sangam Paneer is a 100% vegetarian cooking ingredient, which does not lose its textural qualities when cooking. It can be cubed, diced, sliced, grated and crumbled as the recipe demands. With its spongy texture, Sangam Paneer absorbs flavours and responds to marinades and gravies making it ‘King’ of vegetarian ingredients. Paneer has become a delicacy, and is used in a wide range of vegetarian menus ranging from savouries, starters, main courses, salads and desserts.

Nutritional Information

Average Typical Value Per 100g
Energy kcal 390g
Energy kJ 1617g
Fat 31.4g
      of which saturates 19.42g
Carbohydrate 2.3g
      of which sugars 1.3g
Fibre 0.8g
Protein 24.1g
Salt 0.125g

This product contains no added salt. Salt content is due to
naturally occurring sodium.